l candidates Barack Obama and John McCain respectively.▓ They were among felines competing for the title of "Purr-fect President" at the Cat Fanciers' Association-IAMS 2008 championship that o▓pened last weekend at Madison Square Garden. At last, ▓Obama -- a Bombay cat and an American Shorth▓air for McCain stood out to win the champi▓onship. More than 40 breeds were represented amon

g the several hundred competing animals. The top title went for "Best in Show." In a friendship that wo▓uld make animation film producers sit up and take notice, a cat, a dog and six micro-pigs have formed▓ a firm bond for real in one UK home. Micro-▓pigs Chinook, Serge, Frenchie, Biscuit, Nimrod an▓d Manuka share their home with Daisy the dog, and house cat▓ Hector - they all eat, sleep and play together. Animal lover Jane Croft, the owner of the adorable gang in Christchurch, Cambridgeshire, says her litt▓le companions have loads of fun together. On occa▓sion, their numbers ar

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e boosted by Jane allowing a couple of her other charges to roam in her home. Contrary to the popular myth about pigs, the intelligent animals like to keep exceptionally clean and love company. They make such good pets their popularity is booming worldwide - even Harry Potter act

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or Rupert Grint, who plays Ron We▓asley, visited Jane's farm to buy two micro-pigs for hi▓s sisters. Originally stemming from Vietname▓se pot bellied pigs, micro-pigs, also known as miniature pigs and teacup pigs, have been selectively bred for their small sizes. WA

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